Create projects

Log into Teambition, click the "Create" button on the upper right corner, select "New Project", fill in the relevant details of the project, set visibility, and finish.

Business version users can create organization projects. When creating projects, click the owner's drop down menu, and select the organization that the project belongs to. After the project is created, you can invite members with email or a link. You can also skip this step, and invite and manage members in Project Settings later. 

Project settings

You can enter "Project Settings" in the following two ways:

1. Click the "Project Settings" button on the project cover to enter 


2. If you're in a project, click "More" on the upper right and select "Project Settings". 

Edit the profile

The project owner can edit project profile, including project name, category, description and permission. The project owner and administrator can also upload pictures for the project and set it as project cover, in order to further personalize the project. 

Invite members

Click "Members" to invite new members to the project. There are multiple ways of inviting new members: 

1. The project owner and administrator can invite new members to the project with email address. 

2. You can add new members with the invitation link, and they can visit the link to join the project directly. The administrator can reset the invitation link manually. The invitation link is valid within 1 week. 

3. Invite new members from the recommended members' list. 

In the business version: if you're in an organization project, you can import existing organization members directly, and can also import in teams.

Delete members

The project owner and administrator can remove members in the "Members" interface.

In the business version: the organization owner can remove teams from the project. 

Set administrators

Click "Members", and the project owner can set project members as administrators or cancel their administrator permission in the project members' list.

Project navigation settings

If you wish to adjust the applications in the project, you can drag them to reorder or hide applications that are not frequently used in "Advanced" tab of project setting. Only the project owner and administrator have this permission.

Delete projects

As of deleting projects, please be extremely cautious, as the data cannot be recovered after it is deleted. In "Advanced" click "Delete Project", type in "DELETE", and click "Delete Project" to confirm. Only the project owner has the permission to delete the project.

Archive projects

If a project is finished or blocked, and you no longer need to see its details, you can archive it. Just click "Archive Project" in "Advanced".

Archived projects will show up in "Archived Projects" at the bottom of the project page. You can unarchive them when needed. The data in the archived projects will be preserved in full. Only the project owner and administrator can do this.

Transfer projects (Teambition Plus)

When no longer responsible for a project, you can transfer it. Organization projects can be transferred to another organization or individual. Personal projects can only be transferred to an organization. After transferring, the organization owner will be the owner of the new project, and the original project owner will become project administrator automatically. Only the project owner has the permission to transfer projects.

Quit projects

Members can quit a project by clicking "Quit Project" in "Advanced". If you want to join the project again after quitting it, you need other members in the project to invite you.

View archived contents

Tasks, posts, files, events, etc. in Teambition can be archived. If you need to view the title of archived contents, you can click "More" on the upper right of the project, and select "Archived Items" to search by the archived type. You can recover archived contents any time, whose data will not be affected. The owner and administrator can cancel and delete archived contents.

Starred projects

You can star your frequently visited projects . Starred projects will be on the top of the project lists. You can star or unstar with the following two ways:

1. Click the star button on the project cover. 

2. Click the star button to the right of the project title in a project.

Copy projects

In many cases one project will have many iterations, you can copy the project directly, task titles, subtasks, task notes will all be copied.

Sorting and grouping projects (Teambition Plus)

If you're an organization owner, you can drag to reorder projects in the organization homepage, You can also group projects and name groups.


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