Create an organization

  • Log into Teambition, and click the “Create” button on the upper right corner to fill in the organization information and contact details then click confirm.
  • After the organization is set up successfully, add new members with email, or select members from recommended list to the organization.
  • You can create teams for the organization, and assign the people in the same division to a team. Switch to the “Team” tag, click “Create New Team” to name the team and import members from your organization.

Organization projects

Import projects

After creating the organization, you can import your existing personal projects into the organization, and make them organization projects.

  • When you create an organization for the first time, an import page will come up to remind you to import personal projects.
  • After the organization is created, you can import projects any time. Enter the organization homepage, and click “Import Projects” to start.


After the personal projects are imported into the organization, the original project owners and administrators lose their permissions automatically, and are replaced by the owners and administrators of the organization.

[Owners and administrators can import projects]

Export projects

After the business version expires, you can continue to use it by renewing subscription. You can also choose to export the organization projects to personal projects, and go on without the premium features.

  • Click the upper right corner countdown tag to export projects.
  • For organizations that are already overdue, you can still export the organization projects to personal projects in Project Settings -> Transfer Project.
  • The personal version has a limit of 20 projects (including archived personal projects), so the total number of exported projects, existing projects in the personal version, and archived personal projects combined, cannot exceed 20.

[Owners can export organization projects to their own personal projects]

Create a new project in the organization

Click “Create” to create a project, put in the project name and select the organization name in the owner’s drop down menu. Projects created in an organization all belong to the organization.

Organization projects enjoy premium features: importing organization members to the project quickly, participating in organization statistics, creating project sections, sorting, etc.

Create project sections

Usually there are many projects within an organization. You can create project sections based on different categories you’re familiar with, such as divisions, teams and products. You can group projects of the same category into one section to make it easier to search for projects.

In the projects tab of the organization homepage, hover over the project and you’ll see the section line. Click to add the project section name or edit.

[Only the organization owner has the permission to create sections for the projects.]

Drag to sort

In the projects page of the organization homepage, you can drag to change the order of the projects, and also drag the projects to different project sections.

[Only the organization owner has the permission to sort the projects.]

Manage team members

After upgrading to business version, you can import organization members directly to the organization projects.

You can add and remove members, and set the organization owner and administrator in the members tab of the organization homepage. Click the member to see their personal information and tasks and events schedule.


In the team tab of the organization homepage, you can see all the teams you’ve joined. Click a team to view its members, its projects and all its tasks and events schedule by week. You can also add team members, and add teams as a whole to projects.

Create a team

You can create a team based on division ( or any other criteria ): click “Create a Team”, and put in the team name. Only organization owners and administrators have the permission to create teams.

Click one of the teams, and the organization owner and administrator can import members from the organization. The team creator belongs to this team by default, but can leave it or be removed.

Edit & Leave & Delete

If you’re the organization owner or administrator, hover over the team card, and a drop down menu will appear on its upper right, through which you can edit, delete and leave the team.

Owners can see all the teams within this organization and join them; The organization administrator and member can only see the teams they are already in.


Member statistics

Members’ Task Completion Rate refers to the number of completed tasks as a proportion of the total number of tasks in a given time. Green indicates completed, while red indicates on-going. One can view them by the week, month or all the time.

  • The objects of statistics are the projects in the organization, and do not include personal projects or projects of other organizations.
  • The tasks of statistics include the tasks whose executor is you, and the unassigned tasks are not included.

Members’ Tasks refers to the total number of tasks the member has in all the projects within the organization.

Team statistics

Team Members refers to the total number of members in the team, (unless your are organization owner) you can only see the statistics of the teams you are currently in. All organisations have a default team, which includes everyone in the organization.

Team Projects represents the total number of projects the team participates in.

Project statistics

Project Members represents to the total number of members in each project.

Project Tasks refers to the total number of tasks in each project, green indicating completed, while red indicating on-going tasks.

Organization settings

Edit organization information

If you want to edit the organization information, just click Settings to change it. Only the organization owner has the permission to edit organization information.


In “Organization Settings”, you can click the Edit button under the icon to change the logo. In the Personalized tab, you can change the background cover of the organization.

Delete the organization

You need to put in “DELETE” manually and click Delete.

Only the organization owner has the permission to delete the organization. After the organization is deleted, all the data such as the projects and members of the organization will not be recoverable. Please be careful.

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